If you are a New Zealand based start-up, preferably from the Taranaki region that’s a great start! If you are an existing business with high growth potential our members will consider providing capital to launch your business on its next phase of growth. Launch Taranaki members will consider business from most sectors.

There is no such thing as a best time to approach us but there will be an optimal time to raise funds. When you are ready to raise funds it is important that you meet our criteria, are investment ready and that you believe that external investment is right for your business.

What we look for

  • You are looking for between $50,000 and $1,000,000.
  • You are New Zealand based.
  • You have a clearly defined Product or Service which is of good sustainable quality and has competitive advantage (preferably with IP).
  • There is strong market demand for the Product or Service, i.e., it genuinely solves a problem.
  • You have a team of key people involved who have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, integrity, energy, commitment and motivation for the investment to be successful.
  • Have a business plan that shows a clear path to returning 3-5 times the invested capital within 3-5 years.
  • Capable and driven founders who understand the value of investors and want experienced investors on their Board.

The following is a typical application process once your application has been received.

  • Initial Meeting:
    One of our team will contact you. We will discuss what stage you are at with your business or product, potential growth opportunity, our criteria, funding requirements and what exit strategy you have in mind. With this information it will help us to best identify which Launch Taranaki investors would best add value.
  • Screening Interview:
    Selected applicants will be invited to meet with our screening committee. This committee will assess your application and decide if you will have the opportunity to present at a Launch Taranaki Investment meeting which are held every second month.
  • Launch Taranaki Pitch:
    Selected applicants are provided the opportunity to give a 10-minute pitch (Power Point or other) followed by a Q & A session with Launch Taranaki members. Members will get together at the end of this meeting to indicate their interest.
  • Follow up meeting:
    If there is sufficient interest, a follow up meeting will be arranged between the applicant and interested investors. This will be structured in a fashion that allows investors to establish a better understanding of the opportunity.
  • Due Diligence:
    This may take several months depending on the readiness of your business. The process is executed by investors who have indicated their interest in the opportunity and you will be supported during this process.
  • Investment term Negotiations:
    This may either take place during due diligence or on the completion of it.

Our fees: There are no fees associated with the application, pitch or guidance. However if successful with raising funds then 6% of capital raised will be deducted by Launch Taranaki as its fee.