How it Works

Membership is open to individuals who meet our eligibility criteria. You should be willing to be an active member, participating in events, assisting with the process of due diligence if it falls in your area of expertise and aim to maintain a good level of investment activity. Each individual makes their own investment decisions and it is not compulsory to invest at any predetermined level.

To apply for membership you need to:

Complete our membership application, which includes the following: (CLICK HERE)

  • Application Form
  • Membership Profile/CV/Bio
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Eligibility Declaration
  • Meet with our team

Once we have received your completed application and confirmed your eligibility, your membership will be discussed at the next monthly board meeting. If your application has not been validated by one of our Launch Taranaki members then a meeting will be arranged with a member of the board.

After your application has been accepted, you will receive a welcome pack which includes your annual membership invoice. You will also begin to receive regular updates and information regarding investment opportunities.

It is important to note that by joining Launch Taranaki you are not expected to invest immediately. You will first be given the opportunity to attend pitches and investor meetings. If a prospect arises where you have the specific experience required, you may take the opportunity to participate in the due diligence team or process. While formal training and access to industry best practice is important we believe the best way to learn is by actually working on deals with the other investors.

Membership fees are currently $250 per annum.

Why Invest

As a Launch Taranaki member you will benefit from early access to local and national investment opportunities that may otherwise be beyond an individual’s capacity. You will have the chance to network with a range of other experienced business people and become involved in the investment process of deals that interest you. Being a Launch Taranaki member allows you to have significant input into and control over your investments.

In addition, Launch Taranaki hosts several workshops, education seminars and round tables every year. Subjects include governance, due diligence and investment and other various relevant subjects from visiting guest speakers. These are available to all members.

No one can be an expert in every field. Being a member of Launch Taranaki enables members to draw on each other’s strengths and areas of expertise. The networking opportunities also allow you to hear about new investment prospects, meet with entrepreneurs and associate with other members. Potential investments are discussed collaboratively and any concerns and suggestions are exchanged generously in a total confidentiality.