Aisleworx is based in Auckland an USA, and supplies kid-friendly shopping carts to American supermarkets and other large retailers.  These FunCarts double as mobile advertising space for brands as the cart moves around the store, providing the main source of income for Aisleworx.

Aquafortus Tehnologies is based in Auckland and has developed patented technology to turn contaiminated wastewater into clean water – in a way which is faster, cheaper and cleaner than anything else currently available.

Automio is based in New Plymouth and provides game-changing automation software to law firms from around the world.

First Check is based in New Plymouth.  It operates an online portal which enables people to upload photos of their moles and other skin concerns which are then examined by a local skin cancer expert.

Koru Diagnostics is based in Palmerston North. It has developed a novel, cost-effective pathogen identification tests for the dairy sector, helping farmers and vets make more informed decisions about animal treatment and herd management. 

Roller Blaster is based in the Manawatu and has developed a small, portable and water-efficient machine to quickly and automatically clean paint roller sleeves.