Why belong to Launch Taranaki?

Being a member of Launch Taranaki provides early access to local and national investment opportunities. You can network with likeminded investors and experienced business leaders, and give back to the region by helping grow the next wave of local business talent.

What’s the time commitment?

We hold meetings around every second month and generally communicate with members every month with updates. When you identify an opportunity you would like to invest in, more time may be required if you choose to take part in the due diligence process or provide ongoing mentoring to the business owner.  Otherwise we try to make membership as time efficient as possible.

How much do I need to invest?

Be prepared to invest at least $5,000 per opportunity however you may choose to invest much higher amounts. Each member makes their own investment decisions and it is not compulsory to invest at any predetermined level. Taking a portfolio approach is important to most investors, so you may end up with investments across a range of companies.

How much risk is involved?

Early stage direct investment are high risk as an entire investment could be lost if the idea/company fails. However by investing alongside other experienced business investors, and across a portfolio of investments, the risk can be spread. When investing through Launch Taranaki each investment opportunity is actively assessed by a team and by completing due diligence and providing mentoring to the business owners post investment we increase the likelihood of success.

How much does it cost?

There is a membership fee set by the Board which is currently $350 per annum.

Who can join Launch Taranaki?

There are two forms of membership:

  1. Full Membership for Investors
    To qualify for Investor membership, applicants must meet the criteria of an “eligible investor” as defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.  The Membership Application Form details these requirements.  Note that couples can join as one membership provided they also invest as one party.
  2. Affiliate Membership for Sponsors
    We welcome corporate members as Affiliates where they provide some form of sponsorship to Launch Taranaki, either cash or in kind.   Please contact us for information about becoming an Affiliate/Sponsor.